7 non negotiables when house hunting

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Buying a house is a life-long investment, so knowing what you want or don't want is crucial. While trade-offs will always be part of a property search, there are certain things buyers should never settle on. We compile a list of non-negotiables you need to consider when purchasing a home.


Location is one feature that can never be changed which is why it is important to never compromise on a property's location. Do your research, and look at surrounding suburbs and future infrastructure projects that may impact your area down the line.  It is also important to consider things such as proximity to schools, highways, work and key amenities.

2. Structural issues

Buying a property with significant structural issues should be avoided. The cost of removing or repairing issues such as foundation problems can outweigh the 'bargain' nature of the deal.

3.  Size

Is the property big enough to accommodate you today and into the future? Don't purchase a property that is good enough for now, but you may outgrow within the next 3 to 5 years. Try find a home that will accommodate you and your growing needs for the long term.

4.  Layout

It can be costly and difficult to change the layout of a home. Bring in a contractor to advise you on the costs involved with changing a property's layout.

5. Good natural light

Places that don't get much light are generally dark and will be incredibly cold in winter.

6. Privacy

Having privacy is essential because you want to feel at home inside your house.

7. Stick to budget

Don't be lured into exceeding your initial budget. You don't want to overcommit or overextend yourself when it comes to buying a home. Make sure you purchase a property that you can afford.

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